Waste Oil Collections

Waste Oil

Associated Reclaimed Oils have a fleet of tankers ready and waiting to collect your waste oils. This is a service we have been providing to our customers for over 45 years. Giving us enough experience to ensure your waste oil collection is performed seamlessly and without inconvenience to your business. We are one of the first in the UK to use a paperless hazardous waste consigning system helping us and you to become a more environmentally friendly business. We also guarantee that every single drop of waste oils is given the best recycling option available.

A large proportion of waste engine oils are sent to a refinery where the oil is refined back into base oil for resale this option allows the collected oils to be re used repeatedly helping to conserve the planet’s natural resources. lower grade waste oils are put through a rigorous treatment process. Once treated the oil is used as a secondary Fuel Oil.

Waste Oil

Waste Fuel Collections

Our oil collection services include redundent fuels no longer required. Fuels such as Gas Oils (Red Diesel) Fuel Oils. Mixed Petrol & Diesel